Corrugated Board & Conversion

Corrugated Board and Conversion

At RC+Q LATAM we can take care of all the chemistry that is present in a corrugator factory, with the best quality products on the market and with the greatest technological innovation, guaranteeing to keep our customers updated. Always focused on finding the most competitive costs and the most environmentally friendly products, we also provide advice for various elements involved in the manufacture of corrugated board boxes. From the kraft paper used to form three or more layers that make up a box, the gluing resins to provide impermeability to the walls of the box, and protect them from moisture, the starch which serves as the basis for gluing the layers of paper in the corrugation process, staples or glue that serve to join the ends of a box and shape it, among other valuable recommendations provided by our specialized staff.

The following are generic names of our product line and the selection of the product, in particular, is done through field studies depending on each specific case since all machines and factories are different.

Surface Coatings RC+ SIZE PEL
Adhesive Additives RC+BORAX, RC+ADEZIVE
Adhesives RC+PA
Chemical Cleaners RC+STICK FREE
Anti-Fat Agents RC+COTEG
Water Treatment Flocculants RC+FLOC
Water Treatment Coagulants RC+SP

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