Cooling Systems & Boilers

Cooling Systems & Boilers

Cooling systems, regardless of size or design, require unique, multifunctional, conventional chemical treatments. For this reason, RC+Q LATAM offers solutions in chemical and microbiological programs for the industrial sector in the prevention of scale, corrosion, bio-scale, bacterial-biological accumulation, microbiologically influenced, and induced corrosion.

We have “Non-Food Compounds” certification for “Category Code G7” products.

Our chemical and microbiological programs for cooling tower systems help reduce the consumption of energy, water and obstructions that can detonate in a production stoppage. Our treatments extend the frequency of maintenance such as cleaning and scaling common in this type of equipments.

Among the most outstanding treatments are:

Inorganic dispersants for inorganic salts and metal ions, in addition to presenting an excellent action against scale in water treatment.

Ample spectrum oxidizing biocides that mainly act in the control of bacteria, fungi, and algae in heat exchange systems, commercial and industrial cooling towers.

Ample spectrum non-oxidizing biocides that act by mechanisms other than oxidation, including interference with metabolism and cell structure. Since each biocide has its own spectrum of activity, a non-oxidizing biocide treatment program can be improved by using two biocides in alternation or simultaneously.

Corrosion inhibitors widely recommended in the control of the corrosive process of ferrous materials, increasing the useful life of equipment and pipes.

As in all our treatments, we are able to supply dosing equipment for our products, carry out laboratory analysis, and provide technical service.

The following are generic names of our product line and the selection of the product, in particular, is done through field studies depending on each specific case since all systems are different.

Cooling Systems

Non-Oxidizing Microbicides RC+CONTROL
Oxidizing Microbicides BROMIX, RECIBROM, RECICLOR
Scale Inhibitors RC+OF
Corrosion Inhibitors RC+PHOSTROL, RECITROL
Dispersants and Bio Dispersants RECISPERSE


Oxygen Reducers RC+OXY FREE
Non-Scale Treatments RC+PHOSTROL
Dispersants RECISPERSE

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